Maxillofacial surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a procedure performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in which deformities of the jaws and malocclusions are corrected.
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Comfort the patient psychologically and healthily
The sick look that befits him
The ability to eat
Speak correctly without hiding some letters
The perfect solution for jaw beautification
Positive results will appear in a short period
Cosmetic surgery and dental and maxillofacial surgery are among the old and modern operations at the same time
All complications that occur as a result of jaw surgery end with the passage of time and following the doctor’s instructions
Jaw surgery is one of the medical operations that concerns a great number of people. It aims to improve the appearance of the lower jaw, which is the result of several things:

Congenital malformation of the jaw bones.
Speech and eating problems.
No coherence between them.
Exposure to fractures.
Defects resulting from resection of neoplasms.

Maxillofacial surgery

Jaw surgery is performed when necessary, as the ultimate solution to any problem. As it can have different results, it is generally performed for aesthetic purposes, to appear more youthful and attractive

This operation falls into the category of cosmetic or corrective surgery. More and more people are resorting to it, especially those suffering from genetic or other congenital malformations.

Its results are fast and effective

Complete care

The best technology

Types of jaw lesions or problems

  • Inwardly protruding upper jaw.
  • Outwardly protruding upper jaw.

What is cosmetic jaw surgery?

Aesthetic jaw surgery involves re-doing your teeth and correcting congenital jaw problems by sliding your jaw inwards or outwards.

How is cosmetic jaw surgery performed?

Jaw surgery is a precise operation, no less difficult than other procedures. It is performed under full anaesthetic, with great precision in determining the incision and displacement zones.

The doctor then precisely determines the incision and displacement, and restores the jaw defect. He then cleans and sterilizes the wound, dressing it if necessary with hidden cosmetic threads. He leaves the patient after healing.

What advice should I give before and after jaw surgery?

  • Before maxillofacial surgery

Do not take any medication, inform the doctor of any medication to be taken and discuss all the details of the operation with him/her.

  • After maxillofacial surgery

Make sure you are comfortable and follow the doctor’s advice.

Avoid strenuous activity during the recovery period.

The results of the operation will appear after 10 to 15 days.

What are the benefits of jaw surgery?

The benefits of jaw surgery are numerous:

  • Patients are able to feel and look their best, both mentally and physically.
  • The ability to eat and speak properly without having to mask certain letters.
  • The ideal solution for jaw surgery to remove a malignant tumor or serious accident.
  • Cosmetic surgery and jaw and maxillofacial surgery are among the ancient yet modern operations that many people now perform.
  • All complications arising from jaw surgery disappear with time and following the doctor’s instructions.

What are the risks of jaw surgery?

The risks associated with jaw surgery are considered normal and are similar to those of other operations. They include

  • Risks associated with the anesthesia used.
  • Results of the operation may appear gradually over time.
  • Infections, which can be managed by choosing the right doctor and expert in the field, and by sterilizing and cleaning well.
  • Swelling and infection, which are normal and can disappear after two days with the use of appropriate antibiotics.
  • Intense pain resulting from the operation can also be eliminated by taking powerful painkillers to cover the pain.

How much does jaw surgery cost?

There is a big difference in maxillofacial surgery, which differs from one country to another depending on the following:

  • The type and shape of the appliances used in the process, as well as all the tools.
  • The cost of examining and photographing the operation before it is performed.
  • The form and type of anesthesia used during the operation.
  • The experience and competence of the doctor, which may entail a high cost for the patient.
  • The treatments and medications used after the operation.


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