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Fixed and movable teeth installation
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Laser dental implants
Dental implants without surgery
The transplant is done without pain or with a slight feeling of pain
The success rate of dental implants is high and successful
Its results are fast and positive
As you continue reading the article, we'll give you all the details on dental implants, the risks involved at an advanced stage of life and the important facts you should be aware of.

dental implant process

Teeth are extremely important to anyone, reflecting the beauty of a person. It is therefore very important to treat them and improve their appearance through cosmetic operations.

The loss of a tooth results in a number of operational issues, including the proper functioning of the mouth, the inability to chew and eat, and even a change in the pronunciation of certain letters, all of which can be very uncomfortable for the person concerned.

Before starting the dental implant process, it is important for the specialist to know the reason for the tooth extraction, which can cause serious problems for the person, so that the doctor can take the necessary steps and use the right method to treat the dental implants.

Immediate cultivation

Hardness and strength

Shiny natural colour

dental implant

Dental implants come in a variety of forms, both fixed and mobile. Many people today use dental implants, which have become a common, basic procedure for everyone.

  • Mobile structures

Mobile or fixed prostheses depend on the surrounding teeth for stability and resistance to movement as they perform their function.

The elderly are the most frequent users of these mobile forms and assemblies.

  • Fixed prostheses

The use of fixed dental implants due to tooth loss or other reasons, such as the appearance of a dental filling and the risk of fracture or nerve damage.

They can also be used for aesthetic purposes and to repair dents or other errors in the teeth.

How does the dental implant process begin?

When a person decides to have a dental implant, he or she chooses the right doctor specialized in this field. The doctor performs a thorough examination and analysis of the patient’s teeth, and advises him or her to refrain from smoking and anything else that could damage their health and teeth.

  • Dental implants and fixed bridges are available.
  • A dental implant with a traditional bridge.
  • The implanted tooth replaces the existing tooth.

How are teeth implanted?

Dental implant placement takes place in the treating doctor’s office, and involves a number of steps, the most important of which are:

  • Determining the right location for the implant.
  • Healing of the jawbone and implant.
  • Placement of the final prosthesis.
  • The implantation process is painless or only slightly painful.
  • The success rate for dental implants is high.
  • The average age for dental implants is 25.

Risks associated with dental implants

Many people are afraid of dental implants. While this is normal, there are no risks involved, as dental implants are safe.

The dental implant process

Dental implants involve several stages, the most important of which are as follows:

  • The implant body
  • Filling screw
  • Healing cap
  • Compensating part

Dental implants conditions

There are certain conditions for dental implants, some of which must be taken into account:

  • Must be free of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Must not smoke 10 cigarettes a day.
  • Must not suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Must not suffer from osteoporosis.
  • Does not suffer from radiotherapy.

Immediate dental implants

  • There’s no need to wait as long as with traditional dental implants.
  • The procedure involves placing the implanted teeth into the jawbone.
  • The whole process is carried out in a single operation.
  • The cost of immediate dental implants is higher than that of traditional implants.

Dental implant duration

By shortening the time of the traditional method to become a direct dental implant process, it is left from 35 to 180 days to ensure fusion of the jawbone.

Laser dental implants

Laser dental implants are one of the latest tools the world has achieved in using it without scalpel surgery, it can also be used in various areas involving the bone.

The procedure involves enlarging the bone by making a hole in the gum no larger than 5 mm in diameter. It is prepared using a reputed laser on the gums of the area to be opened.

This method brings total comfort to the patient and ensures successful outcome of the process, as it has thermal properties that act on blood coagulation and fusion of the cut parts.

Dental implants without surgery

There are alternatives to traditional implants (dental surgery) that require extraction, a period of convalescence, implant placement and then further steps until it achieves the desired result.

  • Before the natural tooth is removed, a three-dimensional digital image is taken and a model is made for the new tooth.
  • The tooth is then sent to the laboratories, which supply and design a new one within a few days.

This method is much more efficient than the traditional technique.


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